If you are interested in adding the new revolution in luxury vinyl flooring, COREtec is a great choice for those who are looking for an alternative to glue down laminate flooring. With many different colors, there is an option for any look you are interested in. Not to mention, the installation process is fast and easy to install without any acclimation. If you don’t have time for floor prep and have not added transition strips, COREtec flooring in Pompano Beach is a great option for you.

Is COREtec right for my floors?

COREtec is essentially a rigid plank technology that can cover up floor imperfections and uneven subfloors. With COREtec, you can install over surfaces like ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, concrete, or any other imperfect subfloor. What makes COREtec so great is the patented construction of the flooring. Unlike other luxury laminates, COREtec includes the following features:

  • At the very bottom, there is a cork underlayment that adds a base of insulation. This cork is used to even out any subfloor imperfections as well, meaning there is no need for a separate underlayment.
  • At the core of the COREtec flooring, there is a waterproof core that doesn’t expand or contract with moisture or temperature changes. This stability is great for flooring in any environment.
  • Above the core is the beautiful and resilient top vinyl layer that gives flooring a luxury look. Depending on your color choice, the appearance will rely in this layer. It is known to resist chips and dents for a quality appearance.
  • At the very top is the wear layer that protects against staining and scratches. This layer is known to hold up against commercial traffic which means it’s great for the home and the office.

If you are interested in flooring that will last longer than the ordinary LVT or laminate floors, call us at (754) 300-3130 to learn more about COREtec flooring options.