Flooring Company Pompano Beach

 When you think about concrete flooring, do you think of unattractive, cold, prison-like floors? We can’t blame you because that’s what almost everyone thinks of when talking about concrete flooring. However, there are many benefits that you can take advantage of when you choose to do concrete floors. Here are 4 benefits of concrete flooring in Pompano Beach from the experts at Heartland Flooring Solutions! 

#1 Easy care 

Do you spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning your floors? If you find your day flying by when you’re cleaning your floors you have the wrong type of floors! Concrete floors are super easy to clean and can be done by simply mopping with soapy water. You can make your floors look brand new by sealing or waxing them every 3-9 months. 

#2 Affordable 

Getting new floors shouldn’t break the bank at all and if you are looking for an affordable flooring solution, you should consider getting concrete flooring. Your concrete flooring can be a long-term investment because you won’t need to replace your floors anytime soon.  

#3 Durable 

Concrete floors are super durable that you can even bring your car inside if you wanted to! Concrete floors are completely tough and resilient to any amount of pressure which is why concrete is popular in hard working commercial areas like warehouses or garages. This means you can wear the highest heels and you don’t have to fight to clip your pet’s nails because your floors will be durable enough to handle both. 

#4 We can add COREtec 

Like we mentioned earlier, many people think of concrete flooring as unattractive, cold, and prison-like, when in fact there are several design options that can make your concrete flooring more appealing. Here at Heartland Flooring Solutions, we can add COREtec to your concrete flooring which consists of adding a resilient top vinyl layer that will make your floors look luxurious!  

You can count on our flooring experts! 

When it comes to getting your floors changed whether you decide to do concrete or hardwood floors, it’s good to have a team behind you who know what they’re doing. Good thing we know what we’re doing so you don’t have to look far! Not only will we get the job done right but we will also follow up just to make sure that the work we performed is nothing other than perfection. Give us a call today and let’s get started on choosing the best flooring for you!