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When it comes to renovating or building your home you want to make sure your floors are how you want them to look like. Your floors will bring your rooms together, but with all the different flooring options out there it can be difficult to pinpoint which flooring would look best in your home. To help you narrow down your options here are 6 pros and cons of hardwood floors in Pompano Beach from the experts at Heartland Flooring Solutions.  

The Pros of hardwood floors 

They Look Great!

If there is anything that sells hardwood floors faster than any other flooring type it’s because of the look it brings to your home. Hardwood flooring makes any room in your home look richer, cleaner, and warmer because of their warm colors. If you are looking for a type of flooring that will make your home shine and look more inviting then you should consider hardwood floors! 

The maintenance is a piece of cake 

Hardwood floors are super easy to maintain its beauty. All you have to do is sweep or vacuum and here and there give them a quick shine job. The best part about hardwood flooring is that if it gets worn down you can easily bring them back to life with some tender love and care. Even if your hardwood floors get scratched up you can get a refinish and it will make your floors come back to perfection. 

You get what you paid for 

With hardwood floors you get the best bang for your buck of all other floorings. You can expect your house looking immaculate with your wood flooring for years upon years. As long as you are maintaining its beauty you can expect it to last a lifetime!  

The Cons of hardwood floors 

Your toes might get cold!

This has to be the biggest con but living in South Florida it shouldn’t be much of a concern since we only have a few days of the year where it’s freezing. An easy solution to cold toes is to keep your slippers near your bed so you can walk around cozy! 

No more sneaking up on anyone in your home with hardwood floors 

Another con of hardwood floors is that you won’t be able to scare anyone! This is not the worst con but because hardwood floors compared to carpet is louder, you can expect to hear anyone trying to sneak up on you. It can be safe if you think about it, a burglar won’t be as quiet as they may have hoped! If you have children and pets in your home you can expect it to be louder than usual, but that’s not a surprise is it?  

You should avoid adding wood floors to your laundry room or bathroom 

Hardwood flooring are prone to be vulnerable to moisture and humidity and that’s why it wouldn’t be the best idea to add wood flooring to your laundry room or bathrooms. The good news is that we have all types of flooring at Heartland Flooring Solutions so you don’t have to worry about going to two places because we have all flooring types! 

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