Hardwood Floors Pompano Beach FL

Remodeling you bathroom can add tremendous value to you home, and picking out the right type of bathroom flooring can make all the difference. Investing in new flooring can be a challenging task on your own, but when you hire an experienced floor installation company in Pompano Beach, like the experts at Heartland Wood Flooring Inc. you’ll get an affordable professional flooring installation in half the time! Our specialists have years of on-site experience and are fully licensed and insured, it’s no surprise that our clients consider Heartland Wood Flooring the best place to get flooring in Pompano Beach!

We house a variety of flooring styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Our trained and professional staff can help you find the best bathroom flooring Pompano Beach has to offer, and at an unbeatable price! We offer a multitude of flooring solutions to fit your stylistic and functional needs, check out our top 3 types of flooring for your bathroom:

Top 3 Bathroom Flooring Options in Pompano Beach

  1. Tile
    One of the benefits of tile is that you can mix and match different tile sizes, shapes, and colors to create a truly unique design. At Heartland Wood Flooring we offer a wide selection of quality tile and our designers can help you find the one that fits both your style and budget!
  2. Stone
    Choosing stone is a great choice for those looking to add additional value to their home; however, it is slightly more costly than say tile or vinyl. Softer stones are a great choice for bathroom flooring such as sandstone or limestone. For upkeep, make sure you get your stone refinished every two years with a high-quality stone sealer for protection.
  3. Vinyl
    High quality Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl comes in an array of colors and patterns at an affordable cost. Vinyl bathroom floors are extremely durable and resistant to humidity, moisture, and water. Our vinyl also resists dirt and scratching, making it a great choice for high traffic places like your bathroom.

    If you’re looking for bathroom flooring in Pompano Beach and want the best flooring installation, then call the experts at Heartland Wood Flooring at (754) 300-3130 and request a consultation with one of our specialist designers today!