Kitchen Flooring in Pompano Beach

When you are remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget about your kitchen flooring in Pompano Beach. Your kitchen floor should be reliable, durable, and a reflection of the rest of your kitchen features and appliances. There are many ways you can make your kitchen’s style coordinate with materials, colors, and textures. Depending on your desires and needs, you can choose from many options of flooring to find the perfect one. Look at the following flooring options to find the perfect one for you!

  • If your kitchen experiences a lot of traffic, stone or tile flooring is best. Because both surfaces are durable and available in different colors, they can last long in your kitchen and match your theme. However, tiles have more styles than stones because the different borders and designs that are featured on them.
  • There are stones that look good but aren’t always best for high traffic areas. AN example would be limestone. This natural stone is beautiful and offers a classic and old timey look but has many pores. These pores can attract dirt and ruin the entire appearance of your floors. Regular maintenance is required for porous surfaces.
  • Wood is a classic option that offers a stability. When wood is treated and sealed, it can withstand high traffic and the abuse that comes along with it. When treated, it is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and even water resistant.
  • Vinyl is another option that is often the cheapest out of them all. It is resilient, and offers many versions of styles and colors in the form of tiles or sheets. You can even create the look of hardwood floors without the price.

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen but have not found the right kitchen flooring in Pompano Beach, Heartland Wood Flooring Inc can help! Give us a call at (754) 300-3130 and learn more today.

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